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Passing the Bar Exam

Candidates Who Passed
The July 2000 NYS Bar Exam

November 9, 2000
New York Lawyer

RESULTS of the July 25-26, 2000 bar examination show 6,006 candidates having passed. The pass rate of 67.5 percent of the 8,896 candidates -- the lowest in five years -- is down from last year's rate of 68.4 percent and down significantly from 1994's record rate of 78.7 percent. The total number of applicants this year was up from last year's total of 8,541.

The pass rate for first-time applicants, as is typical, was significantly higher, with 75 percent, or 5,516 of the 7,356 novice candidates passing. This was also less than last year's first-time pass rate of 75.3 percent.

Candidates who passed and are certified for admission are listed below under the Appellate Division in which they have applied for admission. The 729 candidates who passed the exam but are not certified for admission, because the Board of Law Examiners has not yet received proof they passed the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination, are listed separately.

First Department
A through H     I through P     Q through Z

Second Department
A through H     I through P     Q through Z

Third Department
A through H     I through P     Q through Z

Fourth Department
A through H     I through P     Q through Z

Passed But Not Certified
1st Dept.     2nd Dept.     3rd Dept.     4th Dept.


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