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Tuesday, March 15, 2011 -- Updated: 3:00 PM ET

•  Ballard Spahr
•  Bingham McCutchen
•  Bowman and Brooke
•  Buchanan Ingesoll
•  Clark Thomas
•  Duggins Wren
•  Goodwin Procter
•  Goulston & Storrs
•  Holland & Knight
•  Locke Lord
•  Locke Lord
•  Manchel & Brennan
•  McCarter & English
•  Murphy & King
•  Nixon Peabody
•  Pillsbury Winthrop
•  Reed Smith
•  Saul Ewing
•  Stradley Ronon
•  Worby Groner

James Bond, Esq.: License to Lose?

Remember those old spy movies where the hero whips out this little camera and photographs the secret documents? Or the surprise on the villain's face when he has the hero covered with his gat and then finds out that the cops are in the next room, recording his hare-brained confession? Well, every associate's smartphone gives him more tricks today than 20th Century spies had up their sleeves. And that's where you can get into really, really big trouble . . .


  News Watch

Rankings Ruckus: US News Changes Format of Law School Lists

BigLaw Firm Shakes Up Manhattan Management

29 Defect to Launch New Firm


Longtime Cohort of Rudy Giuliani Lands New BigLaw Gig

9/11 Plaintiffs Firm Is Ordered to Work With Conflicts Counsel

Will Political Power Shift Redistribute Wealth Among BigLaw Rivals?

Irish Eyes Are Smiling on BigLaw Partner

Real Estate Partner Changes Address to New Firm

Departed Founder and Firm Move Dispute Over Unpaid Partner Stake to ADR

BigLaw Firm Sued Over Decade-Old Tax Advice

Charges Against Allegedly Blabbermouthed Prosecutor Dropped Over Fear of More Leaks

Local Attorney, Already Suspended for Trading Sex for Lawyering, Gets More Time in Penalty Box

Close Calls: Attorney,Two Firms Have Brushes With Scammers

NY Pol Avoids Prison Time on Tax Charges

Lawyer Loses License for Advising Clients to Break Into Their Foreclosed Homes

Want to Go to Jail? There's an App for That

Advice for the Lawlorn

Every Monday, Ann Israel, president of Ann Israel & Associates, Inc. and a past president of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants, answers your questions about how to find a new law firm job, interviews, resumes and much more. Today's topic: I recently began working with a recruiter who told me about some opportunities. When I researched those opportunities on the firms' websites, some of the firms wrote that they will take applications for the positions directly. When firms say this, is it advisable to apply directly?
Plus: Ask Ann a question

Signs of a Rebound

Law firm profits and lawyer productivity rebounded in 2010 - good signs that the market has turned a corner. However, demand was flat and revenues were up modestly compared to a weak 2009. Translation: The increase in profitability was largely driven by expense cuts.

Howrey R.I.P.

Howrey partners voted yesterday to dissolve the firm, effective March 15, the firm announced in a press release issued late Wednesday.

Save Yourself

The partners at Howrey have voted to dissolve the firm effective March 15. What happens to the firm's more than 100 associates now? Battle-tested veterans of firm collapse have this advice to offer: Do what's best for yourself. After all, "there isn't much benefit in going down with the ship," says Scott Andrews, who was one of the castaway after the wreck of Heller Ehrman.

Friend Request

An ambitious lawyer should seek out lawyer friends. Attorneys often move back and forth between firms or go in-house, sometimes several times in a career. So that lawyer you were hired at the same time as? She can be more than a pleasant lunch companion who encourages you to have a salad once in a while. She could wind up as a client. And that is the kind of lawyer friend lawyers like most.

Why Are There So Few Women Commercial Litigators?

Spurred by a group of female appellate judges, a panel recently considered several explanations for the low representation of women, including a lack of commitment by law firms to developing female talent, the pull of motherhood and family, and a lack of aggressiveness among women.

  News Watch


Elite NY Firms See Profits Surge as Wall Street Bounces Back

Troubled Firm Gives Up, Shutting Down at Month's End

NY Partners Switching Firms

After Howrey's Collapse, Office Leader Talks About Leap to New Firm

Ex-Congressman Lands BigLaw Partnership

Nine Partners Quit Ahead of MegaFirm Merger

On Second Thought, Corporate Parter Defects After All

Drugs-Stripper-Guns Judge Gets 30 Days in Prison

Former Client Blames NY Firm for $30,000 Advance That's Now $800,000 Obligation

Firm Is Now Self-Insured for Employees' Health Benefits

Pelosi Wants Cost Estimate of DOMA Litigation

Oscar Winner Cleared in Batman Cameraman's Death


Another Bonus Bonus Is Upon Us - Is Onus on the Scrooges?

Tokyo Lawyers Stranded at Offices in Aftermath of 8.9 Magnitude Quake

Jawdropper: After Being Jilted by NY Leader, Firm Hires MegaRival's Ex-Boss

NY Partners Switching Jobs

Manhattan Lawyer Moves One Step Closer to Plum Job on Federal Bench

Howrey Practice Leaders, Partners Land at New Firm

SEC Chief Says Agency GC's Investing With, Prosecuting Madoff Hurt Credibility

In Challenging Lifetime SEC Ban, NY Lawyer Gets Lost on Shortcut

Yes, Yes It Is Still a Problem If You Make Your Paralegal Chase an Ambulance

The Check Ain't in the Mail: DC Budget Brawl Hits Lawyers in the Wallet

Charlie Sheen: The Very Model of a Modern Lawyer General?

Law Prof Who Used Hypotheticals Involving Dean's Murder Still Has a Job


Much-Traveled NY BigLaw Partner Tapped for Federal Bench

NY Partners Switching Firms

NY In-Houser Fined for Taking Yankees Tickets From Law Firm Staffer

No Fooling: Firm to Pull Plug on 20-Lawyer Office April 1

Ex-BigLaw Partner Admits Forging IRS Document to Get Cash From Firm

NY Judge Uses Ruling to Preach the Gospel of Diversity to Plaintiffs Firms

NY Firm Loses Four in Tokyo Raid

BigLaw Firm Claim Jumps Rival's Land-Use team

NY Lawyers Closing Billion Dollar Deals

Ethics Experts Split Over NY Judge's Sealed Record on Why He Won't Recuse

NY Lawyer's Talks With Terror Suspect Client Played in Court

Phony Mouthpieces Would Be Felons If NY Bill Passes

Proposed Budget Cuts Would Make Law School a "Mediocre Institution"

Lindsay Lohan Rejects Deal With Mandatory Jail Time in Affair of the Necklace


BigLaw Partners Voting on Dissolving Firm

Davis Polk's First Summer Associate, 100, Dies

Fired NY BigLaw Lawyer Charged With Insider Trading

Five More Quit Howrey

Breaking Away From Firm Racked by Defections, Cash Woes, National Firm Is Born

New Offices

Firm Prospects for California Gold

Snatch a Partner, Launch a Practice

Practice Leader Trades One BigLaw Firm for Another

Courts Overstepped in Requiring NY Attorneys to Sign Affirmations in Foreclosures

NYS Pulls the Plug on Grants to Aid State's Lowest Courts

NY Judge Urged to Bow Out in Prosecution of Disgraced Political Bigwig

NY Judge Promoted

Charlie Sheen Calls His Firing "Illegal," "Unconscionable"

Report: Mel Gibson Cutting Plea Deal for Battering Ex-Girlfriend

Bigfoot Sues, Says Cops Stomp on Phony Monsters' Civil Rights


Ex-NY Associate's Claim of Promise of Partnership Knocked Down to Small Potatoes

Ex-NY BigLaw Partner to Plead Guilty to Being Conman's Flunky

NY Partners Switching Firms

NY Lawyers On the Move

NY Firm Wins $1.7 Million Arbitration Award Against Former Client

Lawyer Who Helped Draft Dodd-Frank Lands BigLaw Partnership

US Attorney Gets Greenlight for Eight Hires, Including a BigLaw Partner

Former FEC Chief Elects to Rejoin His Old Firm

Left-Coast Lawyers On the Move

NY Judge Blocks Collection of $9.5 Billion Award Against Chevron for Now

Prosecutors Want Prison Time for Judge Who Scored Stripper-Guns-Drugs Trifecta

BigLaw Defense Team Faces Daunting Task in Defending Ex-Billionaire

In Defending Terror Suspect, NY Lawyer Shines Spotlight on Taping Attorney-Client Calls

NY Judge Honored for Efforts to Assure Immigrants Have Lawyers



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